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Archaeological and Cultural Sites


From time to time, exploration crews may become aware of, or suspect that, sites of archaeological or cultural significance are located on lands to be explored, or which are being explored. This is a critical issue that must be addressed during the planning or execution of any exploration program. Failure to do so may create serious legal difficulty and lead to significant conflict with local people. There is no surer way of creating conflict than desecrating, however unintentionally, a grave or a place of worship. Many jurisdictions have laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of archaeological and cultural sites. As professionals, explorationists must have knowledge of these laws and be in compliance with them.

Archaeological And Cultural Sites

Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 9 This cave in Queensland, Australia has been used for ochre extraction by indigenous people for generations. Such a site must be protected during exploration. ©Noranda/Falconbridge (Aboriginal_Cave_Queensland1.jpg)