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Places to Eat

South Building

Level 800

Teck Café,

Cash bar, coffee, beverages, breakfast sandwiches, grab & go items, salads, sandwiches, smoked meat, stir fry, sushi & teriyaki

A popular location, with plenty of seating for attendees.

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Level 800

Food Pavilion
, Hall D and Foyer

Cash bar, coffee, beverages, grab & go items, smoothies, crepes, pizza, grill station, sushi & teriyaki, hot dogs, mediterranean

Select concessions open on Wednesday.

Large seating area for attendees.

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MAJOR Drilling

Level 700

700 Café & Lounge,

Coffee, beverages, grab & go items

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North Building

Level 300

Great North Eatery
, Trade Show North

Cash bar, coffee, beverages, grab & go items, sushi & teriyaki

Seating area for attendees.